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Author, Laura Hartley, is a Jesus loving, t-shirt and jeans kind of girl who enjoys reading, anything outdoors, staying home binge watching TV with her husband, and three children. 

Laura never dreamed of becoming a writer, English was her very worst subject in school. She is quick to tell you that she dropped out of community college because she was unable to write a paper. Yet, on a sunny drive to work one day, God called her to write a book, a book that would speak the truth about who God is in a way that was honest and relatable and entertaining. 

She is excited and thrilled to play a part in God’s plan, though she doesn’t want you to read this and THINK more of her, but her hope is that you will KNOW more of God.

If you have questions, please send her an email and check back every week to see news and updates on the progress of her books. You can also subscribe to this blog to receive email updates to make sure you never miss a thing.